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Friday, July 08, 2005

Treading in the land of singledom once again...

Man-pretty feels it would be best if we saw other people.
He actually broke up with me in an IM. At least he didn't send an e-mail like Whelk Boy did.
I didn't feel like telling anyone because it hurt too badly. By the way, this conversation was Wednesday night. He told Victim that we broke up and she called me. Somehow he thinks that during this convo. I wasn't crying AT ALL...if he would've only seen how red and puffy my eyes are. Apparently a while ago he told her that he's been talking to one of his ex-girlfriends a lot lately. Old feelings were being "rekindled"...I'm not sure if that has anything to do with our break up, but it doesn't matter. Well, I guess it does because he might've been picturing her while he was kissing me....
After I got offline I went up to my room and saw a picture of him. I lost it. I realized that I no longer have anyone to love me. There's no one to put their arms around me and make me feel special. He's now my ex-boyfriend. I don't understand this. All I can think of are the times we had so much fun. At graduation he told me that he never wanted to lose me, but now he's given me up.
All I want is to be wanted.

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Beth said...

Lemons.....no relationship help form DOra---she's basically pretty sucky at it---you had fun right? now you're isngle for church camp