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Sunday, July 10, 2005

My new friend

Man-pretty is crazed. We got into a "f*** you!" war. It all started out as a joke, but it ended him him threatening to burn down my house and saying if I didn't shut up he would forget every memory he has of me. I'M NOT SURE IF HE WAS KIDDING! That was a good conversation though, we talked for three hours. However, that was two days ago and he hasn't said anything like that again.
Last night I was crying a lot over him. I stopped crying but somehow ended up puking and it was red--not a good sign. However...I had been eating Cheetos and Coke before I barfed, so maybe that contributed to the color.
We actually talked for over an hour and a half--he just got offline a couple of minutes ago. I think he was trying to tease me by telling me he was so hot he had to take off his shirt.
On a brighter note--I had a first last night! I went streaking! I was only like, half a mile away from Man-pretty's house and I wanted to run by there soooo....badly, but the bugs were bad. So I ended up only staying in the yard.
It was quite nice because it was so hot out. I highly reccomend a quick jog around your houses naked.


Beth said...

naked?! im confused- you were running around his house naked? and he didn't notice?

Lemons said...

Lemons was very near to his house, so she wanted to run past it while wearing nothing. However, I did not do it. I told him I was going to, and he said he was going to close his curtains.

Beth said...

so you ran around your house naked---dont' you live on "Main Street"?

Beth said...

hehehe funny story- check beth's blog

Lemons said...

No, I was at Victim's house. She only lives like, half a mile from Man-pretty. She went inside to get something and while she was in there I stripped and ran around her yard. I wanted to go run down the road to streak past his house, but the bugs were too bad. I ended up only staying in Victim's yard.

le penseur said...

quality story