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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Thanks a lot

So I went 5 weeks without seeing Aeorpostale. Then last Thursday I saw him for 2 hours.
That was it.
The rest of the week he's been spending time with his friends before they all leave for college.

I called him today and was all like, "Hey, want to go to lunch before I have to work?"
He already had plans with somebody.

So I won't be able to see him again before he leaves for Stout.

Then I was like, "Well...maybe if I try to get off work tonight we can do something."
So I started calling people I work with.

NO ONE could work for me.

This seriously pisses me off. I mean, JT called me an HOUR before her shift started last week and begged me to work for her.
HG switched shifts with me for next Saturday...I work her 8 hours and she works my 4. Not exactly an even trade.

But when I need someone to work for me it's completely out of the question.

I'm not supposed to work tomorrow. But no one would work for Jenny and her husband's having surgery. So there was no way I could say no to that...but apparently everybody else did.

Aeropostale leaves tomorrow at 3.
I work from 8:30 to 4:00.

I just want to see him before he leaves because I know after this I won't see him for a very long time.

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think tank said...

I'm sorry about all of that, Lemons. I feel for you. It can be really trying for a relationship, but, I hope you can find a silver lining through all the injustice.