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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

School is for fools

After I got off work last Thursday I was driving home...I saw this guy walking down the street. I pulled over (and I'm pretty sure I scared him) and said get in.
I drove him home.
And then we kissed in his driveway.
Saying goodbye to Aeropostale was so sweet.
I still can't believe he was walking home all the way from Subway.

School today. It was okay.

The first bell hadn't even rang and my locker was already trashed. I'm not even joking. It's just a mess.

My homeroom got changed from Jasurda to Hommerding. You could tell all the people who had been transferred from Jasurda's room. We were the ones who wouldn't shut up. Like Red Roses and I were talking about cereal. And Hommerding was just staring at us going "uh huh? Really?" like he was actually involved. He's weird.
Oh. And his whacked up seating chart (who has a seating chart for homeroom?) has me sitting next to the ex-boyfriend I don't get along with.
And he'll tell his friends that dating me was a mistake. And then I'll laugh at him and his side-burns that go down to his nose.


There was a meeting for assistantship people. It was pretty much Harrison going "and this sheet says blah blah blah." I saw Aeropostale's dad and I was just like, "Uhhh...hi." I saw him like 90 times today...and every time I was like "I miss Aeropostale."

First block--U.S. History II
Wirth first block was not fun. He had these little shorts on with these ugly moccasin shoe things...with no socks.
He wanted to do EVERYTHING. We reviewed U.S. History I, took notes, changed seats like 4 times, took more notes, watched a movie, and started a role-play.

2A--Medical Terminology
So Idk if the ITV lab wasn't set up, or if the satelite school was still on vacation, or what. But we sat there for 45 minutes waiting for something to happen. Nothing

2B--Assistantship with Mollman
She was only there for like 15 minutes. Then she made me put books on some shelves. But I talked to Zierer and he's letting me take an independent with him. So I'll change it to Advanced Anat. & Phys.

A freshman yelled at me. He made the comment that he needed a bigger flip-folder to accomodate all his pepband music. So I thought I'd be nice and let him know we only played a few songs every game. Then he was like, "YES WE DO!"
I laughed at him and told him he was stupid.
Then the freshman French horn player is afraid of me. I kinda yelled at him at one of the parades over the summer. But whatever. I was yelled at as a freshman and I believe it made me better and fix my mistakes...but I wasn't so scared that I wouldn't look the seniors in the face...like he won't look at me.
I laugh.

Peanuts and I went off-campus and got some stuff at the gas station. I was drinking a Monster and I convinced Hommerding that it was a healthy drink. Haha

3B--German III
We have a foreign student from Switzerland. I sit next to him. He seems really nice. He's barely taller than I am. Peanuts things he's hot.

4--Computer Skills III
Yeah. Hein was just like, "I have to fix these computers. Just hang out." So I did my U.S. History assignment.

Then we went back to homeroom to get all the dumb paperwork. Hommerding was all like, "Hey, do you want to be my assistant."
I felt bad saying no. But he, Mollman, and Lenz all asked me. I'm just dropping it. So now I get to dissect things and gross out some sophomores.

Tomorrow I'll probably have actual classes besides U.S. History II.

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think tank said...

Clever opening paragraph ;)

Medical Terminology is cool. I already took it, but I had to shell out money for a new Medical Terminology book for 'Medical Professionals,' which is what I'm geared up to be. hah. Sounds kind of funny to say that.

But never fear yelling at the Freshman. Show them their place.

Own the year, Lemons.