"We'll never be as young as we are right now." --Jim Steinman

Saturday, June 30, 2007

pretty much

All I do is work.
No joke.

Parade tomorrow.
That should be fun.
Then in to work.

This is what went down.

I was with Aeropostale Thursday and his friend called.
He never called him back. Then he said he felt bad because it was going to be the last time he would see his buddies in a long time.

Wait, what?

So earlier last week I asked him when he was leaving to live with his brother. He said he didn't know...he would know Monday (this past).

He left Friday for his cabin and from there went to his brother's house.

I knew he was leaving.
It was just like, "Oh crunch, bye."

So what have I done in the past week?
Sat online.
Went to Peanuts' house.
I talked to Aeropostale like --this-- much in the past week.

Oh well, I'm glad that I can still talk to him. I would go nuts if that happened.

He's so sweet. Randomly saying "I wish I could be with you."



So I would like to know what the hell is up with all these dumb advertisements all of a sudden. Who's letting guys write these women-intended commercials?

Example #1:
Playtex Sport Tampons.
Description of commercial: cheerleaders bending and stretching

Example #2:
Schick Quattro Woman's Razor.
Description of commercial: women running around in bras, panties, and skimpy tank-tops trying to steal their boyfriend's/husband's razors

Question: Do these advertising agent people really believe that putting scantily clad women in women-oriented commercials will actually get more females to buy their products?
I mean, I can understand if they had a hot guy in one of these commercials...but no...*insert cheerleader*


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