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Friday, March 30, 2007


I was supposed to have my surgery today. BITCHES.
So I went to the clinic twice and they referred me to a specialist. This specialist's receptionist told my mom that I did NOT need another consultation and I could have the surgery right away.
So I get to the doctor's office after sitting in a car FOREVER. I then sit in a waiting room FOREVER. When I finally get into the room the doctor told me exactly what I already knew and proceeded to describe the procedure I thought I was there for.
My mom and I went to the receptionist desk and asked why I wasn't having surgery that day when I was TOLD I was.
Then the receptionist got all bitchy and said that she didn't understand why I thought I was going to have something like that done when "Doctor" didn't know what was going on.
That pissed me off. All the people there called him "Doctor" not "Doctor.....blah" not "the doctor" but just "Doctor" Weird.
Anyway. The doctor told me to try to make an appointment for next week....but the mean lady at the desk said that was "out of the question for Doctor."
Then she refused to give me an appointment before the end of time.
So this other receptionist lady walked by and saw that I was practically in tears and took over.

She found an appointment open on April 13.
Nope. State
She found an appointment open on April 20.
Maybe. Day before prom. She recommended I try another day incase I would bruise on my eye and look like Frankenstein.
Settled for some outrageous date in May.

Then this other lady came in. She introduced herself and said that chances are, she would be performing the surgery rather than "Doctor." She said she would get me in earlier. Which is how I got my appointment for next Friday.

I'm still mad that the one receptionist told my mom I'd be having the surgery today.

I'm tempted to take an exacto-knife and do the freaking thing myself. It's not even a real "surgery" or anything...but I guess it's classified as one for some weird reason.

....Stupid eyelid.

I actually had semi-amusing things to post about today too. Well...about yesterday. Peanuts and I had a fun Thursday.

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