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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

...the week of death

Yeah. I had practice yesterday...mountains of homework, and a concert.
Today I had practice and pepband.
Tomorrow I have to work, YAC, do stuff at the library, doctor's appointment, and various other things....that I have to ditch for WORK.
Thursday...um...what's Thursday? Practice and something else important that I can't remember.
Friday...We leave for MADISON!!!
Sunday...soccer...which I probably won't go to because I'll be dead from Saturday.

Yeah. Then on Monday I have forensics. *woot woot* I dislike our team so much. I mean, there are some people I'm really excited are on the team, but others I want to bitch slap in the face and say "You better not advance!"
Yeah, Pink Piggy and I were talking about going to state and rooming with a few girls on the team we dislike.....we're so bitchy.
Seriously though, I think I would rather room with Kookie rather than with this girl.

This girl is really nice. I just...I don't even know. It just seems like she knows EVERYTHING there is to know about me...and then analyzes how she's better.
She is really nice though.
It's just like. She goes "You dated Man-pretty? I dated him too!"
Or the whole awkward situation of "You like Chocolate? I dated him...and he *insert stuff that makes me imagine Chocolate isn't as innocent as I thought*"
...although that was funny because when I asked him about he just turned red and said she was a liar.

Uggghh. So I tried to ignore HWSFRN. It worked really well until Friday. I was so pissed at him...I thought he said that I was basically bad at my category. I was pissed. I just....the way he said it just pissed me off to no end.
Then he was all like, "Oh no, I meant she's putting people who are worse than you up..."
Pff. I don't even care. Seriously. He tried to make me feel better and apologize to me. I guess the thought of him trying to get me to not be mad at him anymore really means a lot.

Oh, I stole his book and told him he didn't get it back until he gave me a hug.
He did what I hate: he wrapped his arms around me and picked me up. Grrr. The only person allowed to do that is my dad.

So I was trying to get Pink Piggy a date for prom...and Gimpy wasn't cooperating. That Russian Kid came running up pointed at Pink Piggy and Gimpy and said "You two date." and then turned to Chocolate and I and said the same thing.

Yeah...and today I was sitting in one of the practice rooms and he came running in and started asking me if I had a boyfriend....in his nearly-broken English. It was hilarious. The conclusion of our conversation was that "girls need boyfriends." Oh, and I asked him if he could shack Pink Piggy and Gimpy up. He just kept saying Beaver.
Pink Piggy and Beaver....that makes me laugh.

People keep going through my stuff. It's seriously pissing me off.
First, my mouth piece went missing...and shortly after my valve oil.
I can tell someone is going through my crap. Like, my case wasn't latched all the way and my new mouth piece wasn't where I put it.
Oh, and someone actually took J-J's keys out of his stuff and threw them in the garbage.

Why would anyone attack the French horns like that?
Tomorrow I'm going to ask Mr. Knihtila if I can lock my cage up.

I really just want to say stuff that's pissing me off and that's making me happy. Seriously, I haven't posted in such a long time....I just want to be all like BLAH.

Maybe I'll just write stuff in my notebook and post it when I have time....which is never.

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