"We'll never be as young as we are right now." --Jim Steinman

Thursday, February 08, 2007

There's nothing like a guy in a uniform...even if it is a Boy Scout uniform


Tired beyond all reason.
Not even kidding.

I'm going shopping this weekend with My Favorite Blonde and Peanuts.
PROM DRESS SHOPPING. Haha. We're going to make MFB try on so many dresses. I've known her since like, the second grade and have seen her in a skirt ONCE.

Oh. Here's the plan......

I'm not going to go to college...nor is MFB, Peanuts, or My Least Favorite Blonde.
We're all going to live together in some apartment somewhere in town.
I'm going to keep working at the dollar store and bring home all the stuff we need like plates, toilet paper, and chocolate.
My Least Favorite Blonde is going to continue working at Subway and bring home sandwiches and chips.
My Favorite Blonde is going to keep working at whatever farm she's currently working at so she can literally bring home the bacon..along with milk and other farmly things. She makes the most money out of the four of us, so she is basically going to be supporting us.
...and most importantly...Peanuts is going to keep working at the pharmacy....for obvious reasons.

Haha. Yeah, it took us like .7 seconds to come up with that stupid plan.

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Anonymous said...

yeah, that does sound like a stupid plan, no offense, maybe when I'm not solving a horrible murder case or doing anything important, I can come visit you and your friends, most of which I don
t know