"We'll never be as young as we are right now." --Jim Steinman

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Can you handle it?

Two days without school.
It feels REALLY good. No joke.

I went to get the mail yesterday...without any socks on. That was stupid.

So the weather channel said that yesterday it was 89 degrees in LA...it was like -20 here. Not even kidding.

I guess we're in one of the coldest spots in Wisconsin right now. Eau Claire was the only place I could tell that was just as cold.

Wow. Dance practice is going to be so messed up on Thursday. We still haven't finished the routine we're doing Friday....which is going to suck if not everyone's there to learn it.

Uggghh. I'm so excited for our competition in Madison.
February 26 is coming up fast!

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Beth said...

well im angry. we've had school the past two days and on monday it was like -34 at some houses out in the country. -21 at my house in town. it blew. up the...well....it just blew