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Monday, June 13, 2005

There's a first time for everything...but this better be a last as well!

Man-pretty pissed me off so bad today. Gosh, if he would have actually been there I would have probably killed him. Although, if he had actually come over I wouldn't've been angry.
Let's start from the beginning! Okay, so he's been telling me how much he misses me and how he needs to see me. We have a plan to try and see each other a lot because he will most likely be going to Boot Camp in a few weeks :'(
We planned that he would come over to my house today around 2:00 pm to hang out and watch each other's favorite movies. I was really looking forward to it. I mean, I actually shaved my legs all the way up, I took my time while applying my make up, and I actually put on perfume. There was this ginormous storm at the time he was supposed to be coming over, so I figured he'd be late because he's driving from way the hell out in the country. At around 2:20 I started getting worried that maybe the storm caused him to get into an accident. Well, I, being a very paranoid, worried girlfriend, waited by the door for him until 3:00. My mom had called (she was in Antigo all day.....yeah, Man-pretty and I were actually going to be alone) and told me to call his house. His sister answered and told me he wasn't home. After I hung up I started crying because if he wasn't at home, and he wasn't here...well I didn't want to think about that!
I ended up waiting another 45 minutes for him. After the majority of the storm passed I went online to see if he had e-mailed me. HE HAD!!! The e-mail was dated from yesterday...hmmm...this wasn't looking too good from my perspective! He said that he was probably not going to make it because he and his dad were going to Wausau. I was so pissed. I mean, he KNOWS that I only check my e-mail between 7:00 pm-9:00 pm every day. He sent that e-mail after that. I wasted an hour and 45 minutes of my life sitting and waiting for him to show up.
I called him around half an hour ago. Of course when I was actually talking to him I couldn't show any anger because I cannot physically do that! I mean, yeah, it's not his fault his dad wanted to go to Wausau, but he could have called and made sure I wasn't going to wait for him when he was never coming. The best part was right before he had to get off the phone. He told me to call him tomorrow and I told him that he can call me too--I am the one ALWAYS calling him. He was like, "Well, I lost your phone number. That's kinda why I didn't call. Don't give it to me now because I don't wanna get a pen." My number just so happens to also be located in the phone book! What I don't understand is if I'm sooooo important to him then why couldn't he stop playing his video game for 30 seconds, grab a pen, and write down my digits?!?!
I know I am looking WAY to into this. I'm not really mad at him. Today while I was waiting for him I had the biggest feeling of de-ja-vu (however that's spelled). I went through the same thing with Whelk Boy. He stood me up a couple times. He was never considerate enough to send an e-mail. When Whelk Boy stood me up I never cried, though.
I just never figured Man-pretty would make me stand in the rain (literally) waiting for him.

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Beth said...

OH NO Lemons! I'm sure Man-Pretty is still overly obsessed with you! I'm not very good at giving relationship advice (i dumped my boyfriend last night) but I think that sounds like typical crap-job boy sentiment and dedication. I'm sure it's just that he knows he could do that with a friend, so he just assumes he could do that with you. I hope you feel better and if this advice seems wrong, it probably is! My longest relationship still is with Teddy for twenty some days so.....lol
TTYL Lemons!