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Friday, January 26, 2007

You make me giggle

I was determined to have a bad day today. It didn't work.

So...I get to school and find out IT'S CASUAL FRIDAY!!! ...Sorry, inside joke...it's just a coincidence that it actually happens to be Friday.

Anyway...so I was walking down the hall towards homeroom, I turn into the sophomore hall and what do I see?
Mr. Peterson on a unicycle. No joke. It was hilarious.
During chemistry he rode it around the block...it was hilarious....it was even better when he fell off. Okay...but he BEST PART, by far was watching him try to get on the beast.
Oh, and he had lots of woman(men) in his bed. That was seriously a weird story for the day. Any story where a teacher tells you he had 2 chicks in his bed is just awkward.

Anyway...um. Our pep rally was fun. We danced, screamed, and had lots of fun. Yay!!!

Um.........so I went to the basketball game.
I walked into the freshman game and Chocolate's mom was all like, "Lemons!" I'm not gonna lie, it kinda freaked me out a little bit. So I sat with his mom and his sister and watched the game. It was actually really fun. Chocolate's mom is SO hyper! I like having her for a teacher...even when she doesn't make any sense.

Yeah. So our dance uniforms show off a lot of flesh. Let's just say if you're taller than I am, you can totally see down my junk. No joke--my boobs are HIGHLY exposed in that beast.

I couldn't stop laughing when HWSFRN, of all people, decided to make a comment. I didn't even know what to say to him. He's not allowed to make reference to my "Gifts from God." ...to quote him. ...okay, well he was saying that I didn't have "Gifts from God" while other girls on the team did. ...Still, it was hilarious...especially since I managed to cover him in the glitter that's ALL OVER my uniform.

Haha. I also covered Chocolate in blue glitter. He makes me giggle. He used to actually fight back when I tried to play with his hair, but now he just sits there and slouches so I can reach it easier. It's fun; his hair is so soft. No joke.

Um...I could say more...a lot more, but I will not.


le penseur said...

"Gifts from God." hmm...that has potential. I dig.

zdf_jammin said...

i see potential. as for chocolates mom, i love her! she's just outright crazy

Anonymous said...

Yeah, as tall as I am, I might not see your perfectly-preportioned breasts due to the cloud cover...