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Friday, December 22, 2006

Just disregard the last post

Seriously, it's stupid, and half of it was from a stored post from a long time ago.

I would delete it, but it has the story of the sex pills, so I shall leave it up. Oh my goodness. I wish I could have counted the number of references made today about that bottle of pills.

So I never posted about the nonsense of Monday...here's how it went down:
Poser wrapped a stand,
J-J decided to drop out of the music at random intervals,
Chocolate told me I had a "fabulous rack",
I flashed Chocolate,
Cap'n Chocolate promised me a hug,
...and then Chocolate compared me to his sister.

...oh, would a few of those things sound a little less awkward if I said I had on blinking antlers?

Today was actually a crazy day.

I turned in a German project that was nowhere near to actually being finished.
A few people just gathered around laptops and watched Michael Jackson videos on youtube during Trig.
Chemistry rocked. We basically just made ice cream. Peanuts and I kicked the stuff across the floor and talked to HWSFRN. Somehow we got on the topic of butts...how, I do not know. Basically, the conclusion of that conversation ended up being that HWSFRN has a large bottom, but Chocolate's is bigger, but Mr. Peterson has the biggest butt in the world.

I think I may have actually managed to recrute Peanuts and Pink Piggy for the soccer team....and Poser said he'd think about managing :D

Chocolate promised me a hug for Christmas. He lied. During lunch Pink Piggy and I made little hearts all over his homework...good times.
So he pretended like he was going to hug me and then ran away. OOOO.
Too bad I sat next to him during the movie thinger.
That was amusing. I barely watched the movie because I was too busy whispering stuff in his ear. Alas, he still refused to hug me....and pouting did not work.
In the end, I threw a bag of chips at him and he hugged me.

Then I found out that when I was getting the chips Threw yelled at him and said he had to hug me or she'd hurt him.

Who cares. I still got my freaking hug.

We all took a field trip to my locker because it is the best thing in the world. Seriously. It is.

Hmm. However, Flew's, Giggle's, and Chocolate's lockers were anything but spectacular. Pink Piggy and I are having an extreme makeover locker edition. ....and I found out Chocolate's locker is popped, so I can just throw random stuff in there :P

Yeah, I tried uploading some pictures of Random Freshman, HWSFRN, and Beaver all in makeup. However, my computer is being stupid and saying the images cannot be found. Stupid.
Oh, I also have a picture of my fabulous locker, for those of you who have not held the beauty of its wonder upon your eyeballs.

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James said...

O hey, I have the nicest butt in the world, seriously, it's like a perfect circle, some tribes in the Seychilles Islands worship it out of fear of destruction.