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Monday, December 11, 2006

A Beaver Excursion

So we had the forensics meeting this morning. HWSFRN scared the crap out of me when he snuck up behind me and said he wants me to be "his successor" as captain of the team next year. I'm surprised he doesn't want his golden boy, Random Freshman, to hit that up.

Kinda makes me giggle sometimes.....I think HWSFRN is getting pissed at RF. I'll walk into band and RF'll just make fun of HWSFRN...then when HWSFRN comes in I listen to him talk about how stupid RF is. Hmm.

Oh. So during German Peanuts said she was sorry. For what, I didn't know.
She worked with HWSFRN this weekend...but HE wasn't the one to say something embarrassing about me....it was HER!!!

Okay...so she's trying to get me a boyfriend.
Why? I do not know. She said she wants to "see me happy."

She thinks I need to shack up with Tall Creepy Guy. Her reason? Because he's so tall and I'm so short we would make normal sized children.

Then she suggested another guy. I swear she kept badgering me about it for most of chemistry. Somehow HWSFRN got in on the conversation. His EXACT words were "Dear God, don't do it."

I seriously want to know why she's trying to shack me up.

I had YAC after school. Beavs and I hit the Dollar Store and then the library. We decorated the Teen Zone.
I thought Beaver would have a little bit more skill in the whole decorating thing.

I guess he's just not femmie enough. I have to admit, he did get better after a while...except for that one present he wrapped...and the fact he threw ornaments in random crevaces.

Then we went to The 'Dub. It was amusing...HWSFRN was working. He was just complaining about the dancing snowman that shakes his butt.
It was hilarious. I called him a hooker and he couldn't do anything because he was working. Beaver asked him an inappropriate question...good times.

Went to the concert after that....well, I left like, 10 minutes into it.
I probably should be studying my chemistry.
Alas, I am watching Family Guy, talking to Horn Boy, and blogging.

Good times.

Besides, all I did this weekend was study. NO JOKE. I woke up at 6:00 am yesterday and studdied a couple hours before church.

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