"We'll never be as young as we are right now." --Jim Steinman

Saturday, October 11, 2008


I'm drunk right now.
Erin can't get me in bed.
Thaat's what she's saying to her parents tonight.
Why is the rum gone?
Rum burns my throat.

I love Erin?
I think I blacked out for a little bit.
'Cause Erin was next to me and then she was at her desk.

And now she's at her desk talking to her mom and or dad.

She says I'm plastered.

Anelram is like talking to Kyle. Kyle is such a good guy, but she's going to like reak it to him that she does not want a relationship.

He's so nice. He picked me up and he carried him.

Yuma is such a nice guy. His name is Yuma. He is from Japan. He went to an all Japanese party tonight, but apparently he told Kyle that he would do me.

That's weird 'cause I only talked to him about his classes and stuff.
He's in macro economics or something.

He was so cute, but I'm pretty sure his watch was a girl's watch.

I can totally edit my own spelling when I'm drunk.
Drunk shouldn't be capitalized...

I really hope Kyle...Yle....'if we're still playing Circle of Death...walks Marlena back...'cause the Campus Police said girls should not walk alone.

Obama confiscated my pepper spray. I saw McCain today.
I was scared 'cause I can't keep my mouth shut and I kept saying that Republicans lie. They told me at the Republican headquarters that everyone would have a seat but they lied.

I couldn't sit down.

Er-Er keeps kicking my computer closed.

I love Er-Er.

She's keeping me from being \

She has a Spanish shirt on.

I speak German.
Yuma speaks German too. His mother is German.

Um, CSI Miama is on. It's like 1 in the morning.

I met Kyle first. And then 'cause Marlena is pretty he liked her and not me.
But that's okay, 'cause I'm okay with that.

Um. I'm okay. Er-Er is great.
Tracy is in my pre-calc class with Dr. Kelly.

Tracy has great boobs.

I talked to Craig, but sometimes I feel sad.

Er-Er says 'night.


I love you, readers...even though I have few.

McCain would make a good president, but I am probably going to vote for Obama...'cause I feel Obama has a better economic policy.

I read the newspapers.
I read CNN.com

I am a well-iinformed individual. Um. Um. Um.

Where's Marlena?


Lemons said...

So today I felt like crap.
Shortly after posting that I vomited...amazingly I got it into the garbage can.

Every time I hear the word rum I gag.

I threw up 3 more times this morning.

I NEVER want to do that ever again!

My RA was in the bathroom while I was in the stall going

Lemons said...

And apparently last night I tried to activate an old blog...couldn't figure out how to do that...so I changed the password to my account.

So I was trying to figure out what I might have changed it to...

Cassius said...

Lemons, never, ever, drink and blog. Dear Lord.