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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Boys and Obama

I'll start out with Obama.

He had a rally in La Crosse today.
I totally went and I saw him for like half a second 'cause I'm little and people in crowds are rude and decide to stand inftont of a person half their height.
Great speech.
I bought a pin.
My pepper spray (that my dad requested I carry with me at all times) was confiscated at security.
There were a bunch of middle schoolers there. I couldn't really understand why...especially since they can't vote. But then there was this guy yelling at them a lot...they were on a field trip. They couldn't have cared less.
Seriously. They just talked the entire time and I was like, "Ahhh...shut up...I can't even hear the speech over you're stupid giggling about Hannah Montana!"
And whenever anyone would clap they would all freak out like they were showing off...too bad they didn't even know what he was talking about.

Okay. Onto the boy front.
I am officially the master. I went from loser girl who can't talk to guys...to the master...well...kinda back down to a loser again. But that's okay 'cause I have a story.

So it's Oktoberfest, which means lots of drinking and hardcore partying. So in my dorm they decided to throw a dance party as an alternative to going out and getting trashed. So my roommates and I went.
We joined a random circle of people and started dancing in the middle of it...'cause we're cool like that.
Well, there was this cute guy...I shall call him Green Shirt. I couldn't tell if he was actually dancing with anybody or not...but he was with this weird guy.
The weird guy kept mocking Anelram every time she pulled out a sweet dance move.
So she and I were pulling out our Night at the Roxbury moves hardcore. And Roommate #4 was like, "I have to call my boyfriend now." 'cause let's face it...she's whipped like a man. Then Anelram was like, "I'm all sweaty." So she left.
Then Er-Er and I were getting our dance on...and she decided to leave.
So I was randomly dancing around by myself. Then my RA and hot RA from 3B was dancing with me (and my roommates were jealous 'cause Hottie 3B RA is #1 on the list).
I closed the dance party. So I was walking to my cube and then the guy who was mocking Anelram's moves came out of a corner door and was like, "Dude, we just went in a circle!"
And then I was like, "Um, the stairs are here. It's not hard to find...there's 3 sets." And then he told me he was from a diff. hall. (I shall call him Game) Pff.
And then he followed me and said he heard the party was in my room.
He had 2 friends with him (one was Green Shirt).
So I walk up to our room and Anelram wasn't there, but Er-Er had like JUST gotten out of the shower and was combing her hair, and I come in with

And then they left to go to this girl's room down the hall.

Then um....Bandana came up and he insisted that we watch this sweet movie. So Bandana, Anelram, and I are chillaxin' on the futon watching a movie and Er-Er was sleeping.

The instant that Bandana leaves Game walks in the room. And remember Anelram had not been there when he was there earlier. So he's talking to me like we've known eachother forever (he is VERY outgoing) and then the 3 of us are just chillin' on the futon. Then I was like, "Hey, what happend to the other two guys you were with?"
And then he made a phone call and they were instantly knocking on our door. Green Shirt like collapsed on the floor and the other guy, Ireland, crumpled onto the bean bag. So we're talking about very awkward things and then Er-Er rolls over and wakes up.

When she went to bed Bandana had been there, but now there were 3 guys there. Wow.
And then Game was like, "Hey, Ireland, you should cuddle with Er-Er."
So he climbs up into her bed and starts spooningn with her.
Poor Er-Er.

So we looked up this thing on the internet called the "Birmingham Bootycall."
Don't ask.
But Game kept teasing Green Shirt that he had done it with a girl...which was weird.

So I went to the bathroom and when I came back Game was in bed with Anelram and Green Shirt was passed out on the floor.

So while I was gone they all decided to have a "Cuddle Party."


So I had to cuddle with the guy on the floor. I grabbed a blanket off my bed (which is NOT stable for 2 people unlike the other ones) and sat next to him.
Then it got weird. I had to tell him that the blanket that he had wrapped around him was the "cum blanket."

Then I had to explain WHY it was called the cum blanket.

So he and I were like laying a foot apart on the floor and I could totally hear Anelram and Game talking "weirdly" on her bed. Then I started laughing left for a little bit. So when I came back, Game and Ireland had to use the bathroom. And then Anelram and Er-Er are like "We do too!"

So Green Shirt and I are just chillin' on the floor. Then we climbed onto the futon. The guys came back and were being weird and teasing Green Shirt.

So then it was finally time to go to sleep...at roughly 4 in the morning. After laying there for like 15 minutes, Green Shirt put his arm around me, and I was like giggling on the inside.

And then we were spooning. And I was trying not to laugh out loud. Then he fell asleep and rolled over.
But I couldn't sleep.

Well, the futon is directly under Anelram's bed. She and Game were...well, not sleeping.

So I fell asleep eventually, and in the morning when Ireland woke up and decided to wake up everyone else...they left.
But before they left, Green Shirt actually shook my hand.


Then I confronted Anelram and I was like, "You know I heard everything, right?" And she's like, "yeah, I thought I could hear you laughing."

That was Saturday, and I never expected to see these guys again. I'm pretty sure Green Shirt was disguested by me.

Since then, Game has been texting Anelram NONSTOP. It's cute.
Today it was insanely cold in our room and neither one of us wanted to get up (Er-Er was still in class), so we called Game to come over and shut our window.
He did.

I'm sure I'll be seeing PLENTY of Game around the room if he's into Anelram.

So this has been an eventful week.
I spooned with a stranger and saw Barack Obama

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