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Friday, May 30, 2008

Last day

Today was my last day of school, but we were still being threatened with not graduating.

Pure bullshit.
We bought out own caps & gowns, but the school wouldn't let us get the colors we wanted...and then when they came in they were held hostage until library fines were taken care of.

So...I was told I could not graduate until I paid 30 cents for a library fine that was crap--those were the days I wasn't in school because I hurt my knee!

And Peanuts and I were called to the office yesterday. I have no clue why Kay Sue is being a bitch to us all of a sudden. Every thing we do is wrong--even if we had permission!

So we walk in and she says, "If you plan on graduating Sunday, you need to turn in your uniforms."


Uggghh. I had the damn thing in my locker anyway, but apparently it would have been too much for her to just calmly ask me if I had it.
Especially since we're supposed to turn them in at the banquet anyway!

Then there was the pillar. So in the commons there are 3 pillars. Every year the graduating class paints one and puts all their handprints on. We were told that tradition was being ended this year. Wow.
Enough people complained that they had to reconsider. But they gave us permission on like Tuesday. Hmmm...it took last year's graduating class like a week and a half to do their pillar. Let's see...school ended today....
So we were told that when we got back from our class trip on Wednesday we could prime the pillar. We all get back and about 6 people are waiting around for paint to get there. So Roses, MFB, and I find some really cute colors (pale yellow, baby blue, and sea foam green). Yeah, we picked those colors because we were the only ones there who cared at the time.
But everyone still complained about them. Well, the school picked out class colors...so at least we had a choice in SOMETHING.
But yeah, we came back with paint--then Kay Sue comes in:
KS-- "You can't paint that today! No, we're having the awards ceremony."
Me--"So why does that matter?"
KS--"Someone will lean against it in their nice clothes and you'll have to pay for them."
Me--"Why can't we tape it off and put a sign out?"
KS--"Someone will break through the tape and lean against it."
Roses--"The can of primer says it dries in half an hour--the ceremony isn't for another 3 1/2 hours."
KS--"I said no, and Mrs. Harrison says no."

Then Mrs. Pippenger was all like, "WTF?" Seriously, we were given that specific time to paint.

So we had the awards ceremony. I got 3 scholarships.
AnnMarie for $1,500
Knights of Columbus for $200
James Celba for $500

Yay! I'm proudest of the James Celba one. The scholarship is in memory of James Celba who graduated in the '90s. His dad's speech for presenting the award was amazing. He slipped a copy of the speech into the envelope.

So after the ceremony Roses and I had to prime the damn pillar. We started before all the people were gone.

Yesterday morning we got to school early and put on the first coat.
I skipped calculus to do a second and third coat. Then finally a fourth coat as A lunch was starting.
The paint was really light yellow :P

Fourth block we reserved for hand prints. My fourth block teacher was clueless. She thought we were painting the flagpole. Seriously? So Roses and I were both in the same class, and we were trying to convince Mrs. Allington that we needed to take our class to do the handprints. Her response, "No, we need to wait until they call us down."
Then Roses went all psycho on Mrs. A and was saying, "No, we are THEY. Lemons and I are the ONLY 2 people trying to get this pole done and we need it done now!"

I'm going to miss that girl.

The amazing thing--we got 59 out of 77 people in our class to get their handprints on the pillar before the end of the day. Today we got another 14, and the final 4 (3 of whom were at state track and the fourth kinda expelled) at graduation.

Roses and I did a damn good job getting that stupid pillar done.
I seriously think that the office people were trying to make it hard for us so we would just give up.

Screw that! It's a freaking tradition!

Graduation practice today.
It's common sense that we have to dress up. However, girls are not allowed to wear high heels or flip flops. Not even nice flip flops.
Oh, and we were told that flats look tacky.
So what are we supposed to wear?

It's kinda funny...the NHS people don't get diplomas at graduation. They have to turn in their stole to get one...

I'm so excited that I don't have to put up with this school any more. It's ridicuous. I have to show up and look nice Sunday and that's it.
I'm wearing high heels and I don't care, but they probably won't give me my diploma for that.

So after graduation practice a bunch of the people in my class went out and enjoyed a giant slip-n-slide. We set one up on the hill that goes down to the student parking lot. It was GREAT! I was covered in bubbles and baby oil.

We should have done it at the class trip...but there was enough going on there.
Horny, half-naked guys running around a state park. Peanuts, Bitchy, and I hid on the side of a cliff to get away from them...it was funny.
It was even funnier when we were up on a plateau and they were down on a ledge changing. We could not stop laughing...and then they noticed we were up there.

Wow, this is quite a lot for one post...sorry, but I'm bored and I've got nothing better to do besides research laptops.

I think I'm only going to miss a handful of people. I'm really going to miss our foreign exchange student. We have completely Americanized him. He actually wants to come back and go to college here. They had his YouTube video in the senior slide show. It was great.

If you're into YouTube, I highly recommend you look up "Gael toxic."

Gael screaming the lyrics to "Toxic" in his sweet French accent while shaving. Even if you don't know him, it's still entertaining.

Now I get to get ready for college.
Yay for attending UW-LAX!!!

I regester for classes in 2 weeks.
*woot woot*

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Congrats on finishing school. The world has come full circle.