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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Damn Koosas

And I won't say it again!

Got college info.

I got into Coate Hall...bitches and hos!!!
So what does that mean?
360 freshmen.

I'm on the fourth floor in a triple room.

That's right...I have not one but TWO roommates.
Marlena and Erin.

I talked to Marlena on the phone. I like her. We were laughing like we had known eachother for longer than a 20 minute phone convo. Seriously. We even delved into the topic of boys. I'm not exactly sure how this was possible.
Her high school was bigger than my town. Dang.

I've Facebooked Erin a couple times. She reminds me of Pink Piggy. She seems really nice.

I'm excited to have 2 roommates.
However, as my ever-so depressing ex-boyfriend points out...I've never had he experience of living with someone. I've never had to share anything because I'm an only child.


So I've been working a lot. I had 64 hours on my last paycheck for a part-time job. One of the night managers was mad because she had 11 hours.

I feel sad for my boss, Sue. I'm not trying to be conceited or anything, but I'm the best cashier there. I have at least a year's experience on almost all the others.
I walked into Sue's office the other day to tell her my last day would be August 24. She got all sad. What I didn't know was that earlier that day Jenny told Sue she was quitting in September.
Jenny does EVERYTHING at the store. She's the manager, she orders, she unloads, she cashiers, she does payroll, she stocks, she fixes the stupid credit card machine, she orders merchandise for Sue's OTHER store, she is the store.

So we had a meeting today for the store. It ended with Sue and Jenny pulling a cake out of the fridge that said
We'll Miss You
Bottom Dollar
It was so sweet. Never, in the two years that I've worked there has anyone ever gotten a good bye cake.
I wanted to cry.

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